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Applied Research

The benefits of UK’s research are being applied to local and international issues.

The Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) is participating in the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center to develop next-generation clean coal technologies, carbon capture, and storage through its Power Generation Group and Algae Research.

The Power Generation Group is exploring post-combustion capture in conjunction with: China Huaneng Group, Tsinghua University, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, and China Power Investment Corporation. 

Algae Research is being performed under the auspices of the U.S.-Sino Clean Energy Research Center Advanced Coal Technology Collaboration. The objective is to research the use of algae to capture and recycle CO2 emitted by coal-fired power plants. The main partners are UK, ENN (XinAo Group), Zhejiang University, Jinan University, and Duke Energy.

Global Health Initiatives was established in 2011 to provide UK students with opportunities to learn and experience relevant global health issues

The UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science received an NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award in 2011

NSF-funded international research (project titles):

  • A Dialectical Approach to Social Change: Agricultural Development and the Division of Labor by Sex in a Mende Community
  • Production, Reproduction, and Conflict: Urban Poor in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Global Priority, Local Reality: Rural Communities in Bulgaria
  • The Question of Common-Access Lands and Sustainable Rural Development in South Africa
  • Nutrition Security in Context of Migration in Southern Province, Zambia
  • Towards a Knowledge Economy: Firm Competitiveness, Institutional Thickness, Localized Learning and Value Added Supply Chain Networks in Penang, Malaysia
  • Digital Aspirations: Malaysia and the Multimedia Super Corridor
  • Electron Transport Systems in the Nitrogen-Fixing Grass-Root Associated Bacteria Isolated from Pakistan Saline  Sodic Soils