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The College of Arts & Sciences is among the university’s most celebrated colleges, garnering praise for its contributions to research, education and service. The College of Arts & Sciences commitment to global health is unparalleled and is demonstrated through its continuous research in various components of health and wellness.

Global Health courses

GEO-261-220 Global Dynamics of Health & Disease
This course focuses on worldwide pandemics of infectious diseases, and the pathogens responsible for them. We will look at how and where these diseases develop, as well as how our immune system protects/doesn’t protect us. In addition, we will investigate the role that globalization has played in enabling the diffusion of past, present and emerging diseases.

SPA 151 Spanish for Health Professionals
Spanish for Health Professionals is designed to give students a fundamental background in the Spanish that is spoken in health settings and the cultural issues that affect the delivery of health care to Hispanics in the U.S. This course will help students improve their ability to communicate, in Spanish, in a wide range of situations pertinent to the healthcare field.

CLA 131 Medical Terminology Greek/Latin
Primarily for pre-medical pre-dental pre-nursing and pre-veterinary students but others will be admitted for help in vocabulary building.

ANT 225 Cult, Envir, Global Issues
A fundamental part of human experience is interacting with our physical surroundings but in the globalized ecosystem of our planet our interactions with the physical world increasingly include distant places rather than just the surroundings we see from our door step.

ANT 251 Global Health: Culture, Pathologies  

ANT 646 Global Hlth
This course presents anthropological studies of health in an international context attending to ways in which anthropological study can contribute to identification of issues relevant to health and development. It will have a dual focus. First it will deprivilege western concepts and explore both indigenous and biomedical accounts of health. Topics may include culturally-defined syndromes international medicines and health and illness and body from an international ethnographic perspective. Second the course will explore the culture of international health agencies e.g. WHO UNICEF etc.

ANT 303 Topics Ant of Food Nutr
This course focuses on food and nutrition though the lens of anthropology. Topics will vary but each semester the course will provide insight into an aspect of food and nutrition that is relevant to present-day concerns in regional national and/or global context. Nutrition is one of the most critical health issues in the U.S. and globally as people struggle with both under nutrition and over nutrition and the long-term consequences of both to human well-being.

WRD 205 "Nothing Spreads Like Fear": the Rhetoric of Contagion
Even more alarming than the recent Ebola epidemic was the public's reaction to it.  Politicians like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz suggested canceling all flights from Ebola stricken countries while hazmat suits were at a record high.  Such extreme responses bring up a number of questions:  How did this panic start? Did it make the epidemic worse? How can we stop panics?  What makes epidemics political?  In WRD 205 we will examine how panic spreads and what the role of the public advocate should be during a health crisis.

Health, Society and Populations Program (HSP)
HSP allows students to explore health from a liberal arts perspective and tailor the degree to the own interests. One specific concentration area is Global Health. Here is a link to the HSP website.

Passport To The World
The Passport to the World Program enables the college to embark on year-long explorations of the culture and history of a particular region or country. The program engages our community in crucial global conversations through public lectures, cultural events, coursework and travel opportunities. After past programs focused on South Africa, China, Russia, Mexico and the Middle East, A&S is shifting its focus to Europe for the 2015-16 academic year!

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