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Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Protocol

All University of Kentucky health professions students will receive yearly information about universal precautions, bloodborne pathogens, and the student directives portion of this policy. This information will be appropriate to the students’ level of training and area of training. This training will be provided via the associate dean in the various colleges, or another designee, who has responsibilities for the education program.

On call emergency number after hours: 859-323-5321

Email after hours:    
Joey Papst (Bloodborne Pathogen Nurse):
Leslie Ehrmantraut (Employee Health Administrator):
If neither is available email:

All students can contact the emergency on call number for direction and assistance. However, if you are on an international rotation, you may want to check with your preceptor on location and notify your program coordinator here at UK additionally. The preceptor on location of the rotation should have specific protocols established.

See the complete policy on Educational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

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