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Center for English as a Second Language (CESL)

ISSS provides services for Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) students, such as immigration advising, help in obtaining drivers’ licenses and social security numbers, and issuing enrollment letters.

Below are several forms you may need. They can be printed, filled out and dropped off at the ISSS Main Office in 214 Bradley Hall, or you may scan and email a copy to your immigration advisor. If you have questions, please contact your immigration advisor.

Letter Request
Use this form to request an enrollment letter (a letter to prove that you are a student at UK). Download the letter request form here (pdf).

Vacation Break Request
CESL students must finish 4 sessions before they are allowed to take a vacation break. If you have taken 4 or more sessions and you would like to request a vacation break, print this form and follow the instructions. You must receive a signature from the CESL advisor, Susan Garnett, before you can submit this form to your immigration advisor. Download the vacation break request form here (pdf).

I-20 Extension Request
If your I-20 will expire and you need more time to study in CESL, submit an extension request on the CESL website. You must also submit a valid financial guarantee from your sponsor or a bank statement to prove you can pay for your CESL tuition. The bank statement cannot be more than 60 days old.  If you submit a bank statement that is not in your name, you must submit a declaration of support form signed by the person who owns the bank statement (your sponsor). Download the declaration of support 14-15 form here (pdf).

Transfer to a New University
If you have admission at a new university and you would like to transfer your I-20 information, fill out this form and bring it to 214 Bradley Hall. You must also bring a copy of your admission letter from the new school.  Download the transfer request form here (pdf).

Withdrawing from CESL
If you need to leave the CESL program early, use this form to withdraw. Your I-20 will be “turned off” while you are gone and you must tell your immigration advisor when you want to come back. If you come back to study at CESL in 5 months or less, you can use the same I-20. If you come back to study at CESL after 5 months, you must get a new I-20 and visa. Fill out this form and take it to the CESL Advisor and CESL Business Officer for signatures. Then, bring the form to your immigration advisor. Download the withdrawal form here (pdf).

Travel Request
If you are planning to travel outside of the US you must get a travel signature on your I-20. If you need a travel signature, click here for more information.

Driver’s License
If you would like a driver’s license or state ID, click here for more information.

Social Security Number
If you would like a social security number, click here for more information.

Reduced Course Load Due to an Illness or Medical Condition
A CESL student may be authorized to enroll in less than full-time coursework, or if necessary, in no classes at all due to a temporary illness or a medical condition.  Students are limited to a maximum of 12 months of reduced course load approval, but must receive approval each 8-week term that a reduced course load is needed.  To request a Reduced Course Load for medical reasons, a student must submit the Recommendation Form to the ISSS Office.  The Recommendation Form must be completed by a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or licensed clinical psychologist.  Download the Recommendation Form here.

If you have questions or need help visit Lisa Lui at 214 Bradley Hall, or contact her at: