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College of Education

The College of Education is dedicated to producing well-prepared professional educators, conducting meaningful research and providing service that positively impacts the lives of citizens in Kentucky and the broader global community. The College of Education’s commitment to global health is unparalleled and is demonstrated through its continuous research in various components of health and wellness.

Education Abroad Opportunities in the Department of Kinesiology & Health Promotion

Human Health and Wellness in Spain
In the wonderful and historically rich setting of Gandia City (Valencia, Spain), students will engage in the comparative study of American and Spanish lifestyles relating to health and wellness, health services, and stress management. During this six-week program, students will participate in a variety of workshops and educational excursions, as well as classroom sessions at the Gandia Campus of the University of Valencia.

Student may earn up to seven credit hours including ISP 599 (1 hour) and (two of the following three) KHP 230: Human Health & Wellness, KHP 509: Workshop in Safety & Health or KHP 395: Independent Study (3 hours)

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Sexuality & Sexual Health Education in the Netherlands
Dr. Mark is directing a program in Amsterdam that will introduce students to the cultural comparative study of human sexuality and sexual health education in a context where sexual health outcomes are the best in the world. The Netherlands has comprehensive sex education, regulated and decriminalized prostitution, and was one of the first to legalize gay marriage. With their openness to sexuality and emphasis on talking about sex and sexuality with parents, peers, and educators from a young age, sexuality is seen as a healthy part of human development rather than something of which to be ashamed. Students will be immersed in this culture and learn from their model of sexuality and sexual health education.

Global Health Research in the College of Education

Dr. Kristen Mark is leading an investigation into the cultural differences (or similarities) in the learning, teacher training, and implementation of sexual health education in Europe, China, North America, and the Caribbean. Additionally, Dr. Mark will be conducting research in the Netherlands examining sexual health education initiatives and sexual desire and satisfaction in couple relationships.