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Scholarships for UK Chinese Language Summer Program in China

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The UK Confucius Institute is pleased to announce the UK Chinese Language Program Summer Language in China Scholarship. The scholarship, made possible by the 2012 Confucius Institute of the Year award, will strengthen UKCI’s support of the Chinese language program at UK.

Scholarship details:
$1,100.00 for each student

Eligibility and qualification:
Students must take part in the CI HSK (I, II or III) testing on March 24, 2013 (registration deadline: Feb. 25)
To register, click here.

This scholarship covers the following:
Tuition in Shanghai University
Accommodation in Shanghai University
At least three organized cultural experience tours in Shanghai city

How to apply:
Register for the March 24 HSK II test.
Fill out the Application Form, submit it online by March  5.
We will notify you by March 27. 

How the scholarship will be administered:
Confucius Institute will notify Education Abroad at UK of the scholarship recipients’ names. Education Abroad will deduct the scholarship from the Shanghai University invoice.