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College of Public Health

The College of Public Health’s initiative in working with Global Health issues is a result of the expansion in global communication, travel and trade which has increased the need for public health practitioners, who understand global health issues that transcend national and continental borders.  Our certificate, courses and research in Global Health are designed to prepare students to meet the growing demand for international and interdisciplinary skills.

Graduate Certificate in Global Health
The Graduate Certificate in Global Health is designed to prepare students to meet the growing demand for international, interdisciplinary skills in areas such as disease and injury prevention, health care, and other health-related disciplines. The Graduate Certificate in Global Health requires completion of 12 regular course credits (generally will be 4 courses) and one 3 credit hour internship.

Required Courses:
CPH 605 Epidemiology
CPH 751 Introduction to Global Public Health

For other approved elective courses and to learn more, please visit the College of Public Health's website.

Global Health Programs

  • Leadership in Public Health – This program, sponsored by the University of Kentucky College of Public Health, will run in conjunction with two Chinese universities, Sichuan University and Wuhan University. The Leadership courses will be taught at Wuhan University and will be delivered to both UK students (MPH & DrPH) and Wuhan University students. The student practicum will be conducted at Sichuan University.

    Highlights include:

    ·  Develop an understanding of the leadership models useful in leading public health organizations

    ·  Engage in the practice of public health, leadership, management, and/or epidemiology in an international setting

    ·  Communicate and collaborate with Chinese public health students on a daily basis

    ·  Explore the history and culture of two provinces in China during free weekends, Hubei and Sichuan

Service Learning

Shoulder to Shoulder Global recently led 49 University of Kentucky students, faculty, staff and community members in a multidisciplinary health brigade experience to Santo Domingo, Ecuador.

STSG is a UK-based organization that strives to improve the health and well-being of impoverished communities while offering learners the opportunity to work in a multicultural and interdisciplinary setting.