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Distinguished Scholar Series

In order to strengthen UK's China Studies Program, the UK Confucius Institute welcomes proposals for inviting scholars in China studies area  as speakers for "UKCI's Distinguished Scholar Speaker Series".

UKCI will pay for the round trip flight tickets, that are the equivalent of a domestic ticket for up to $800, up to two nights hotel accommodation and two meals for the scholar to be taken out for lunch or dinner by up to three UK faculty hosts. In addition, UKCI will also provide an honorarium to the speaker, up to $600.00 (you may wish to solicit funds from other units).

The funding cycle of the grant requires that the time frame for the speaker's series is from March 15 to December 31, 2015 and speakers are expected to visit campus during this time frame. Five speakers will be selected based on the need in academic areas.

Download the UKCI Speaker Proposal Form here (pdf). Please fill out the form and email it to your college representative from whom you received this email. The deadline for submitting the proposal to UKCI is Jan. 25, 2015.

The selection committee is comprised of the UKCI Steering Committee members.

We will notify the hosting faculty as soon as the selection is made. From then on, faculty can go ahead and invite the speaker. However, please keep in mind, and make clear to your invited speakers that the invitation is contingent upon the approval of the UKCI budget, and sometimes the approval can be as late in the academic year.