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Education Abroad

Johannah Hamilton

Major: Agricultural Economics

Education Abroad programs completed: Diverse Communities in the Dominican Republic (UK Sponsored)

Office Hours: Thursday 11am-1:30pm; Friday 12:30pm-2pm

Heather Coley

Major: Communication

Education Abroad programs completed: CCSA Ireland (UK Consortia)

Office Hours: Monday 9am-11am; Tuesday 12:30pm-2pm; Thursday 12:30pm-2pm; Friday 9am-11am

Courtney Henning

Major: International Studies and Gender & Women's Studies

Education Abroad programs completed: ISA Charles University in Prague (UK Partner)

Office Hours: Monday 1pm-3pm; Wednesday 1pm-3pm

Liz Renzaglia

Major: Dietetics

EA program(s) completed: The Italian Table (UK Sponsored)

Office Hours: Monday 2pm-4pm; Wednesday 12:30pm-2:30pm

Sarah Caton

Major: Spanish and Gender & Women's Studies

EA Program(s) completed: SOL Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Office Hours: Monday 2pm-3:30pm; Wednesday 10am-12:30pm

Kayla Bredernitz

Major: International Studies

EA Program(s) completed: KIIS Paris, France

Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30pm-5pm; Wednesday 11am-1:30pm; Thursday 3:30pm-5pm; Friday 11am-12:30pm

Diane Kwon

Major: Human Nutrition

EA program(s) completed: Family, Consumer, and Culture in South Korea (UK Sponsored)

Office Hours: 
Tuesday 2:30pm-4pm; Thursday 1:30pm-4pm


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