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Education Abroad

Kelli Taylor

Kelli is a junior Business Management major. Kelli participated in an exchange program this past semester at Lancaster University in England, where she completed International Business coursework. Kelli advises on the specific types of programs to participate in, such as exchange programs, partner programs, and UK sponsored options. Kelli enjoys exploring new cultures and cities, which made studying abroad a perfect choice for her! 

Kalin Waters

Kalin is a sophomore studying Psychology. She took Psychology courses and participated in an internship in Cape Town, South Africa last spring. Her experience in Cape Town can be described as one of personal growth due to the fact that she and one other student were the only two participants in the program. If you are having any doubts about joining a program because you will be going alone, Kalin will be able to help you ease those fears. Kalin also enjoys water sports. During the summer and family vacations, Kalin visits her family in Trinidad and Tobago to go diving and surfing. 

Jordan Farmer

Jordan is a senior studying Spanish and Psychology here at UK. In the fall 2014 semester, she studied Spanish on the EA Exchange program to Quito, Ecuador. She is fairly comfortable with language-specific programs, especially Spanish immersion programs, exchange programs, programs that have a host family options, and LGBT issues abroad. She loves to dance Salsa and her favorite language is Spanish. Come visit her in the Resource Center!

Alyssa Moore

Alyssa in a senior majoring in Biology and French. She participated in an intensive French language program in Grenoble, France through CEA.  Talk to Alyssa if you have questions or concerns about food allergies abroad, couch-surfing/affordable excursions, home stays, or CEA.  She was born in Heidelberg, Germany, and visited Heidelberg when she studied abroad and saw the army base where her parents had worked.  She's an expert at running to catch buses, trains, planes and pretty much any other form of transportation. 

Bailey Babcock

Bailey is a sophomore majoring in Exercise Science. Over the winter break, she took a course on advertising and public relations in London, England on a UK Sponsored program. Her advising specialties include helping students see how a program might fit into their schedule and major path. A fun personal fact about Bailey is the veins in her left hand make a peace sign. 


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