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Eligible Positions

UK sponsors all full-time positions requiring a master’s degree or Ph.D., including faculty and staff positions. Sponsorship for many bachelor-level positions is also possible. For most post-doctoral positions, a J-1 visa is required; however, in some situations the H-1B is needed.

Positions Requiring a Bachelor’s Degree
H-1B sponsorship for positions requiring a bachelor’s degree must be reviewed by the Director of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS). If this request is approved, the H-1B application may require the services of an attorney and further instructions will be sent to the department. If the request is denied, the H-1B process may not be sought through any other means. 

NOTE: When an H-1B petition is filed by an outside attorney, all subsequent extensions of status or amendments must also be filed by an attorney, not by ISSS staff.

To begin this process, submit the form titled "Request for H-1B Status for a Bachelor Level Position" (see below) to Elizabeth Leibach at

Positions Not Sponsored by UK for H-1B Status
Post-Doctoral Fellows: Fellows are supported by training awards instead of salaries. They are considered post-doctoral students, not employees, and therefore not eligible for H-1B status. For more information, see the administrative regulations on the UK Human Resources website.

Part-time Positions: UK does not sponsor H-1B status for part-time positions. The record keeping requirements for such applications are burdensome for the hiring department, and experience has shown that part-time workers often leave as soon as full-time employment is found. Additionally, a part-time position often does not warrant the high cost of the H-1B application.

Medical Residents: Residents are normally sponsored by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates and are given J-1 status. When there are extenuating circumstances for which an H-1B visa might be warranted for a medical resident or for any other resident managed by the Graduate Medical Education office, approval from the Provost's office must be sought. The program director should contact the Director of Graduate Medical Education in advance of either ranking the resident application (for a “Match” position) or offering a position (if not a “Match” position), for assistance in preparing the paperwork to request the needed approval.

J Visa Holders: J-1 scholars or J-2 dependents who have been in J status for fewer than two years are not eligible for UK sponsorship for the H-1B.

NOTE: These are UK guidelines, not immigration regulations.