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Faculty Affiliates

The College of Agriculture:

Wuyang Hu, Agricultural Economics
Agricultural marketing and consumer economics. East Asia with focus on China

Vanessa Jackson, Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles
E-commerce, cross-cultural consumer decision making, East Asia

Chad Lee, Agronomy
Applied research in grains production, including corn, soybean, grain sorghum and small grains

Min-Young Lee, Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles
International Retailing. South Korea, China

Susan Michelman, Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles
Social, cultural and personal identity and dress, Southeast Asia, Indonesia

Seungahn Nah, Community & Leadership Development
Media, community, democracy, East Asia, Korea, China, and Japan

Michael Reed, Agricultural Economics
International trade in agricultural products, international economic development

Brent Rowell, Horticulture
Sustainable vegetable crop production and management, biological control of insect pests, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia

Keiko Tanaka, Community & Leadership Development (Director of the Asia Center)
Sociology of science and technology, sociology of agriculture and food, East Asia (Japan and China), Pacific

Lu Tracy, Merchandizing, Apparel, & Textiles
Hospitality, event management, service management, consumer behavior, China

College of Arts & Sciences:

Mingzhen Bao, Chinese Studies
Speech production and perception, lexical tone processing and acquisition, language learning

Srimati Basu, Gender and Women's Studies
Legal Anthropology, women in development, feminist jurisprudence, South Asia

Stan Brunn, Geography

Ronald Bruzina, Philosophy
Phemenology, 20th century German and French philosophy, Japan

Stayc Dubravac, Modern & Classical Languages
Language, second language acquisition, applied linguistics, electronic media

Takako Egi, Japan Studies
Cognition and second language acquisition, Japanese pedagogy

Alan Fryar, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Hydrogeology and Environmental Geochemistry

Marro Inoue, Japan Studies
Cultural Anthropology, Japan, Okinawa, the U.S.

P.P. Karan, Geography
Environment, development, social change in non-Western cultures, South Asia, Japan

Keh-Fei Liu, Physics
High Energy Physics

Liang Luo, Chinese Studies
Gender, class, religion, youth and radicalism in East Asia through studies of literature, performing arts, and film

Karen Mingst, Political Science
International cooperation, international organization, non-government organizations, international law

Lien-Hang Nguyen, History
United States foreign relations, International Cold War, Southeast Asia

Robert Olson, History
History and politics of the Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia and Russia

Karen Petrone, History
Russian and Soviet history, gender history, cultural history, war and memory

Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, Modern and Classical Languages
Siberia, folklore, Russian language

Cindy Ruder, Modern & Classical Languages
Russian language pedagogy, Soviet literature and culture of the 1930s

Dong-Sheng Yang, Chemistry
Physical chemistry, mass spectrometry, chemical structure, dynamics, and mechanisms

Doug Slaymaker, Japan Studies
Fiction, visual culture of Japan

John Stempel, Patterson School of Diplomacy
Diplomacy, cross cultural negotiation and bargaining, Near Eastern politics, and developmental change

Greg Stump, Linguistics
Morphological theory, early Indic languages, especially Sanskrit

Akiko Takenaka, History
Cultural and Social history of modern Japan

Matthew Wells, Chinese Studies
Early Chinese literature, literary theory, historiography, autobiography

Mark Whitaker, Anthropology
Cultural anthropology, religion, politics, nationalism, journalism, Human Rights, the anthropology of violence and trauma, Sri Lankan Tamils, the Tamil diaspora (Toronto, London, and the US), and South Asia

Ghadir Zannoun, Modern & Classical Languages
Modern Arabic literature, Arab women writers, comparative literature, literature and nationalism

College of Business & Economics:

Robert Dahlstrom, ManagementInternational marketing, Philippines

Wally Ferrier, Strategic Management

Yoonbai Kim, Economics
International finance and macroeconomics, East Asia

Nancy Johnson, Management
Industrial relations, human resource management

Anita Lee-Post, Decision Science
Japanese management philosophies and practices

Joe Peek, Management
Finance-Banking, Japan

Radhika Santhanam, Decision Science
Management of information technology in organizations

Dan Stone, Accountancy
Asian values and popular culture about money

The College of Communication & Information:

Chike Anyaegbunam, Integrated Strategic Communication
Public relations, communication theories and research, communication strategies and media for rural communities, civic engagement, health and economic well being

Lois Chan, Library Science
Information storage and retrieval, Asia

Kazuko Hioki, Conservation Librarian

Gordon Hogg, Director of the Special Collections Library

Zixue Tai, Journalism and Telecommunications
Social impact of new media in China

College of Design:

Richard Levine, Architecture
Architecture, sustainability, sustainable cities

College of Education:

  Lars Bjork, Educational Leadership Studies
Professional preparation of principals and superintendents, leadership, organizational studies, China

Alan DeYoung, Educational Policy Studies
Educational reform in former Soviet Central Asia since independence

Parker Fawson, Education Curriculum and Instruction
International education, literacy in both urban and rural environments

Beth Goldstein, Educational Policy Studies
Anthropology and education, comparative and international education, gender, family literacy, educational border-crossing

Huajing Maske, Education Curriculum and Instruction and Director of the Confucius Institute
Comparative and international education, Southeast Asia and U.S.

Xin Ma, Curriculum and Instruction
Mathematics education, school effects, policy analysis, advanced quantitative methods, China, Singapore

Kathryn Todd Norman, Education Curriculum and Instruction (PhD Candidate)
International education, global competency, China

Kathleen Swan, Curriculum and Instruction
Social Studies Education and Instructional Technology

Patrick Yang, Education Policy Studies and Evaluation


College of Engineering:

Yang-Tse Cheng, Chemical & Materials Engineering
Materials science and engineering, applied physics

G.T. Lineberry, Mining Engineering
Engineering education, occupational safety and health, China, Malaysia

Kozo Saito, Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering, engineering science, Asian philosophy

College of Fine Arts:

Robert Haven, Theatre
Kabuki and Japanese costume construction

Andrew Kimbrough, Theatre
Chinese opera, spoken drama, performance

Donna Lee Kwon, Ethnomusicology
Music of Korea, East Asian and Asian-American popular music

Andrew Maske, Art History
Asian ceramics, Japanese art and culture

Ronald Pen, Music
Musicology, folklore, Appalachia, Central Asia, China

Jane Peters, Art
Early modern European art

David Sogin, Music Education
Music, teaching, China

Cecilia Wang, Music Education
Multicultural music education, China

College of Law:

Michael Healy
International Environmental law, China

College of Medicine:

Sam Matheny, Family Practice
Community and Global Health, HIV/AIDS, Hypertension

Yang Jiang, Behavioral Science
Neural mechanisms underlying visual perception and cognition, psychophysics, cognitive neuroscience


Misook Chung, Nursing Instruction

Public Health:

Evelyn Knight, Health Behavior
Community Health, Appalachia in the World- Mountain-to-Mountain Collaborative, SE Asia; Manipur India