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Graduate Certificate Program

Graduate Certificate in International Education

The Graduate Certificate in International Education (GCIE) program prepares students for careers focused on international student education and exchanges. Examples of these career fields include Education Abroad, International Student Services, and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) work related to international student exchanges. 

The GCIE is comprised of coursework in international higher education, student services and area studies totaling 15 graduate credit hours and includes an experiential component (professional work or internship).


Any student with a baccalaureate degree from a fully accredited institution may apply to the GCIE. The program may be pursued by current and prospective students in the UK Graduate School, as well as postbaccalaureate students. Post-bacc students not in the Graduate School may enroll in the program.  A number of programs can be enhanced by the GCIE. The Certificate provides students the opportunity to pursue interests in international education and earn certification with 15 credit hours of course work. From Agriculture to Political Science, Behavioral Science to Geography, various fields are frequently connected to international education.

Students are admitted to the GCIE course of study for fall semester or spring semester enrollment. Applications for admission may be submitted prior to beginning certificate coursework or no later than completing 9 credit hours applicable to the certificate. Applicants must:

  1. Apply and be admitted to UK’s Graduate School. Those not currently pursuing a UK graduate degree must be admitted to the Graduate school as a post-baccalaureate student. (Note: acceptance into the Graduate School does not guarantee acceptance to GCIE)
  2. Depending on student status, applicants must submit one to two letters of recommendation.

    • Current graduate students must submit a letter of support from their graduate advisor.
    • Newly admitted graduate students must submit a letter of support from their department's Director of Graduate Studies.
    • Postdoctoral students must submit a letter of support from their research supervisor.
    • Non-degree seeking students must submit two letters of recommendation.  Preferably one letter should be from one familiar with the student's academic work.  The other should be written by one familiar with the student's professional work related to international education.
  3. Complete GCIE application form. Visit to download.

The Certificate Director will review applications to confirm applicant’s standing and qualifications. Eligible applications will be reviewed by the admissions committee and students will be notified by mail.

The GCIE program requires 15 credit hours and professional experience working in the field (prior experience, if approved by the Certificate Director or an internship). There are three required courses totaling nine credit hours. Two additional elective courses (totaling six credit hours) are required for certification. Up to nine credit hours of previous graduate coursework may be applied to the certificate program, at the discretion of the Certificate Director.

Required/Core GCIE Courses:
EPE 555: Comparative Education (3 credit hours)
EPE 632: Student Services (3 credit hours)
EPE 676: Organization & Administration in Higher Education (3 credit hours)

Electives may be chosen, in consultation with the Certificate Director, from a number of programs including, but not limited to Anthropology, Community & Leadership Development, Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation, Geography, Hispanic Studies.

Some work or internship experience in international education is required to complete the certificate. Previous or current work experience in international education may fulfill this requirement with approval from the program director.

Dr. Beth Goldsteiin
Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation
131 Taylor Education Building