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I-20 Request

Departments that process their own admissions can request visa documents for admitted students directly from this office.  See below for request form.  The form must be submitted to this office along with a copy of all application materials (copy of online or written application, transcripts, evaluations, test scores, copy of C.V.), evidence that the student can fund their education (e.g. bank statement), and a letter of admission to the program. Students planning to change status inside the US from another non-immigration status should follow the instructions here.

Current F-1 Students can request an I-20 for use by a dependent spouse or child to change status to F-2 inside the US or enter from abroad in F-2 status.  Follow instructions for necessary documentation and submit request form, see below.

A student whose I-20 has been lost, stolen or damaged can request a reprinted document, see below.  New proof of funding will be required.  Personal bank statements or bank statements from family sponsor must be in US dollars and no older than 6 months.