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International Advisory Council Subcommittees

Curriculum Development
General charge: promote the offering of internationally focused courses across the campus, and recommend strategies for increased student enrollment in such courses (e.g., certificate programs, minors, etc.); define and review global learning outcomes for students at all levels.

2009-10 goals: establish Global Studies Certificate; define global learning outcomes

Rob Farley, The Patterson School
Kathi Kern, The Center Enhancement of Learning & Technology
Mark Kightlinger, College of Law

Ex officio:;
Carlos de la Torre, Director, International Studies

Education Abroad
General charge: promote greater student and faculty access to and participation in Education Abroad opportunities

2009-10 goals: a) review policies for charging $50 application fee, $100 administrative fee, ISP 599 tuition; b) policy for travel to high-risk areas; c) plan for approval and/or review of faculty-led programs; d) discuss recognition for faculty-led education abroad leadership

Beth Barnes, The College of Communications & Information
Sharon Brennan, The College of Education
Toni Greider, UK Libraries
Brendan O’Farrell, The Gatton College of Business & Economics
MelodyRyan, The College of Pharmacy
Sharon Stewart, The College of Health Sciences
Ben Withers, The UK Honors Program

Ex officio:
Pat Whitlow, The Graduate School
Anthony C. Ogden, Education Abroad at UK 
Abby Hollander, Education Abroad at UK

Katherine Adams, UK Legal Office
Todd Adkins, UK Office of Risk Management
Lou Drapeau, UK Office of Risk Management

International Student & Scholar Services
General charge: assess and recommend policies and practices that facilitate integration of international students, faculty and scholars in UK community, as well as communication between UKIC and departments (regarding hiring, postdocs, international graduate students, etc.)

2009-10 goals: address issues related to international student housing and transportation; review charge of existing committees (Provost committee on international students; immigration advisory committee); review policies related to the status of international Visiting Scholars and postdoctoral scholars.

Toni Greider, UK Libraries
Kyle Miller, The College of Design
Mike Reed, The College of Agriculture

Ex officio:
Liga Abolins, The Center for English as a Second language
Anna Allen-Edwards, The Graduate School Bond, Pat The Graduate School JJ Jackson, Institutional Diversity
Jake Karnes, Student Affairs
Elizabeth Leibach, UK International Center, ISSS
Karen Slaymaker, UK International Center, ISSS

International Recruitment
General charge: Recommend strategies to enhance recruitment and admission of international students

2009-10 goal: assess recruitment strategies 2007-2009; establish policy regarding use of agents and third-party recruiters; make recommendations regarding potential investments in recruitment strategies (regions, alumni networking, virtual recruitment, etc.)

Brian Jackson, The Graduate School
GT Lineberry, The College of Engineering
Mike Reed, The College of Agriculture
Nick Stamatiadis, The College of Engineering         

Ex officio:           
Liga Abolins, The Center for English as a Second language
Pat Bond, The Graduate School
Audra Cryder, University of Kentucky International Center
Lynda George, Office of Admissions
Michelle Nordin, Office of Admissions
Karen Slaymaker, UK International Center, ISSS

International Partnerships
General charge: Assess and recommend policies related to development of UK’s international partnerships

2009-10 goal: develop process for assessing and classifying various types of international partnership agreements; review status of 2+2 partnerships (Indonesia, CUMT in China, etc.), potential dual degrees (NUI-Maynooth, EU-Atlantis/Engineering)

Claudia Hopenhayn, The College of Public Health
Ed Jennings, The Martin School
GT Lineberry, The College of Engineering
Sue Roberts, The College of Arts & Sciences           

Research and Grants
General charge: promote visibility of ongoing international research, and potential opportunities related to international research

2009-10 goal: discuss global research recognition or award; recommend additional strategies for recognition and enhancement of international research, multi-college grants, access to information, etc.

Sam Matheny, The College of Medicine
Mike Reed, The College of Agriculture
Keiko Tanaka, The College of Arts & Sciences

Ex officio:
Debbie Davis, OSPA
Shana Herron, Proposal Development Office