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Institutional Engagement in China

The Office of China Initiativeswill help UK colleges sustain a high level of institutional engagement with higher education in China through: 

  • Identifying strategic China partners with whom UK colleges can build collaborative relations
  • Leading and facilitating steps that lead to the establishment of new collaborations
  • Working with UK colleges to review and evaluate existing programs and assist colleges to expand and strengthen existing collaborations with China
  • Working with UK colleges to maintain and keep existing programs with China
  • Facilitate and coordinate with UK colleges on Chinese delegations’ visit to UK campus
  • Facilitating and coordinating UK delegations’ visits to Chinese institutions, including but not limited to visa applications and travel orientation for first timers
  • Enhancing programmatic efforts to engage alumni in China and to seek their help in supporting the university
  • Working with Chinese partner universities for the coordination of in-China UK activities such as graduation, alumni events, orientations for new students coming to UK
  • Coordinating the University of Kentucky – UK’s Strategic China partnerships  such as UK - Jilin University Collaborative Framework and other similar programs
  • Promoting the University of Kentucky in China