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J-2 Dependents

The dependents of J-1 Exchange Visitors are referred to as J-2 dependents.  Only the spouse and unmarried minor children (under 21 years of age) are eligible for J-2 status.

J-1 Exchange Visitors can request a J-2 dependent DS-2019 at the same time that their DS-2019 is prepared or if they initially come alone but later want their dependents to join them, they will need to complete a J-2 Dependent DS-2019 Request Form and submit it to their J-1 Advisor.

Additional information must be given to the J-1 Advisor in order to prepare a dependent J-2 DS-2019.  The minimum annual funding requirement for a J-1 at UK is $22,000; to add a spouse an additional $6,800; and to add a child an additional $4,700 per child.  If the additional funding is not through UK, it's necessary to attach a copy of an official bank statement or other funding source documentation to the J-2 Dependent DS-2019 Request Form.

In addition to the required funding documentation, a copy of the official marriage certificate should also be attached along with an English translation.  Finally, a copy of the passport bio page of each accompanying J-2 dependent should be attached.

A J-2 DS-2019 is issued for dependents and each family member will have his or her own SEVIS ID number as noted above the bar code on his or her DS-2019.

If you would like to add a J-2 dependent, fill out the J-2 Dependent DS-2019 Request Form (see below) and submit it to your J-1 Advisor.