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Key University Partnerships

University of Kentucky designates key international partnerships that have the potential to accrue benefits broadly to the entire campus, the community, and the Commonwealth.  These partnerships advance the university’s strategic priorities, are a focus for the investment of university resources, and generally are coordinated by the University of Kentucky International Center.

The University of Kentucky's key university partners:

Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil)
Shanghai University (China)
Beijing Institutes of Life Science (China)
China University of Mining and Technology (China)
Mekelle University (Ethiopia)
Manipal University (India)
Kufa University (Iraq)
Sultan Qaboos University (Oman)

The following criteria are used to evaluate prospective key partners:    

  • Location in a country or region that is a strategic priority for the University of Kentucky
  • Institutional quality.  The four principal world university rankings are: QS World University Rankings, Ranking Web of Universities, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities.  For universities in China, two additional rankings exist, compiled by the government of China: the Project 985 universities and the Project 211 universities
  • Presence of colleges, divisions, or faculties that have counterparts at the University of Kentucky
  • Congruence or complementarity of institutional strengths and faculty expertise
  • Congruence of institutional goals for international collaboration
  • High level of interest in partnering with the University of Kentucky and viewing it as a key partner
  • Value of the partnership for positioning, building and promoting the University of Kentucky brand, and international reputation
  • Breadth of interest in collaborations by multiple University of Kentucky Colleges
  • Ties to University of Kentucky (e.g., University of Kentucky graduates on its faculty, a history of individual contacts or collaborations, alma mater of University of Kentucky graduate students or faculty members)
  • Potential to facilitate the establishment of Education Abroad and other learning experiences for University of Kentucky students
  • Potential to facilitate international professional or scholarly activity by University of Kentucky faculty, including, but not limited to, development and capacity building projects, internationally focused research, research collaborations, and curriculum development
  • Potential to increase campus diversity by bringing both students and faculty to University of Kentucky
  • Potential to obtain external funding for collaborative activities
  • Potential to provide access to the University of Kentucky to other institutions and potential partners
  • Potential to involve University of Kentucky alumni or other constituencies in partnership activities