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Major Advising Page Development

Based on University of Minnesota's innovative curriculum integration initiative, Education Abroad at UK would like to collaborate with each academic unit to develop major-specific advising resources to assist students in selecting programs that most closely align with each degree program. Major Advising Pages (MAPs) describe academic considerations for Education Abroad and highlight specific programs approved by faculty and academic advisers.  MAPS are available online as PDFs and in hard copy for easy distribution. 

The MAPs serve several different audiences. Current students in each major and minor are the most important user group, but MAPs may be part of what attracts high achieving students to a department or college.  Many high school students and potential transfer students often ask about Education Abroad opportunities as part of their decision-making process.  Advisors in your department or college can use these MAPs to structure their discussions about Education Abroad with students.  Academic advisors can similarly use the MAPs to identify and assess high-quality programs for students in a particular discipline.

Major Advising Pages are a result of a joint effort between Education Abroad at UK and a college or department or program.   To begin developing a MAP for your department, please contact Anthony Ogden.