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College of Nursing

Undergraduate Courses

Summer 2014 Nursing & Pre-Health in Northern Ireland
The College of Nursing is partnering with Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University to create Summer Nursing & Pre-Health Program at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.

In this 6-week program, students will enroll in courses taught by the University of Ulster biomedical sciences faculty.  Students will earn transfer coursework equivalent to:

  • DHN 212: Introductory Nutrition (3)
  • BIO 208 with lab credit: Principles of Microbiology (the lab credit is NOT equivalent to BIO 209) (3)
  • ISP 599: Study Abroad (1 credit hour) (3)

For detailed course information and to view the poster click here.

NUR 883 Community and Public Health Nursing

This course is designed to develop students’ skills in applying health promotion and disease prevention principles, strategies, and evidence to deliver population-centered nursing care with diverse populations in a variety of settings.  Emphasis will be placed on current local, national, and global health issues in the context of public health nursing practice.

Service Learning

Shoulder to Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder Global is a university and community based international organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in resource-limited communities thru an integrated approach to health, education, environment, and economic development by engaging community partners and university students, staff and faculty in education, research, and service.

Nursing students make up an integral part of the health brigades. In the past few years over 25 nursing students and 6 nursing faculty have participated.  Nurses and nursing students do health screening, education and counseling related to nutrition, hypertension, diabetes, and anemia. We also promote the use of the water filtration units that are designed to decrease parasites and improve sanitation.  In addition, our students can receive credit towards a portion of their Community and Public Health Nursing clinical hours (NUR 883) as well as enroll in a one hour Global Health Course to prepare for the trip.

One nursing student evaluation sums up the entire course to brigade experience:

“First, I would like to say how impressed I was with the course we took in preparation for the brigade. The emphasis placed on cultural competence and humility in our Western medicine thinking was most important for the trip. By focusing on collaboration among our professional fields, we were better able to learn about how we all help each other in equally important ways. Nursing coursework is constantly encouraging us to go beyond our technical skills and make connections with our patients through good communication. Having to think about communication beyond words really brought this into light. It is very rare to work with 50 people who are all motivated to help others even when it requires personal sacrifice. Not only is it inspiring, but makes every day a time of joy that can be shared with others long after we depart.”