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Remuneration for International Guests

International Scholar Payments or Honorariums 
Each year, many distinguished scholars and experts are invited to
the University of Kentucky to lecture, collaborate on research, or
participate in some type of activity for which payment has been agreed upon or an honorarium is customary.

In many cases, these scholars may be residents/citizens of a country other than the United States and for payment purposes they are generally referred to as “nonresident aliens” (NRAs). The procedures for making payments to an NRA differ significantly from those for a citizen of the U.S. Departments that invite NRAs to the University, and plan to make a payment to them for any purpose, (honorarium, independent contractor services, reimbursement of expenses, etc.) are encouraged to become familiar with the unique payment requirements.

Additional Resources
Download UK's instructional brochure regarding paying honoraria to international guests, see below.

Additional guidance for payments to non-resident aliens (NRA) can be found under the tab labeled “Payments to NRA” at: