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F-1 students who have been admitted or plan to attend another institution, college, or university within the United States, must request to have their SEVIS record be transferred to the new school in order to maintain valid immigration status.

A SEVIS transfer is possible in the following circumstances:

  • transferring to another school prior to the completion of your degree,
  • completing your degree at UK and beginning another one at a different school, or
  • changing to another school to seek a degree during, or at the completion of your Optional Practical Training.

You will need to notify a DSO (Designated School Official) of your intention to attend another school by submitting a transfer request and submitting the appropriate supporting documentation through the e-form in iCAT.  A “release date” must be established. This is the date on which the SEVIS transfer will be activated in SEVIS. It is recommended that you submit your transfer request at least 2 weeks before your program end date at UK.

UK will retain control over your student records in SEVIS until the release date is reached. Students may apply to many schools but the SEVIS record can only be transferred to one school.  Please note that a transfer cannot be canceled after the release date has been reached.

The SEVIS record must be released no later than 60 days after the last day of the last registered semester or summer session.

If you have not graduated, you may need to officially withdraw from the University of Kentucky and/or from any courses for which you are currently registered.  You can do this in the Registrar’s Office, Room 12, Funkhouser Building or online through the myUKY course registration portal using your link blue credentials.

After the “release date,” obtain an I-20 from the transfer school. Report to the DSO at the new transfer school within 15 days of the program start date listed on the I-20.

OPT:  Students presently on Optional Practical Training are eligible to have their SEVIS record transferred to another school in order to begin a new program.  The transfer must occur prior to the end of the 60-day grace period at the completion of the OPT.  The OPT ends as of the transfer release date.

On-campus employment:  Students who have completed/graduated from UK and plan to transfer to another school the following semester to begin a new program of study cannot work on campus unless it is part of their OPT.  Students who have not completed their course of study at UK may work on campus until their SEVIS record is transferred to the new school or reach their program end date, whichever is earlier.


1. Obtain acceptance letter from the new school

2. Fill out and submit the "Transfer Request" form on the iCAT website.

3. Instructions for using the iCAT website are below