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1. What courses can be taken while abroad, and what courses count towards a major or minor?

If students plan carefully, they can identify an education abroad program that fits their academic goals no matter what their college or discipline. Depending on the education abroad program, students can enroll in courses in the subject areas of their major or minor, or in courses that fulfill elective, language, or UK Core requirements. Students must meet with their advisor to plan what courses should be taken abroad in order to maintain progress toward degree requirements. Use the "advanced search" option to identify programs in a specific field of study. In addition, students must work with their academic advisor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in the appropriate department to obtain course equivalency approvals in advance of their program. The DUS will need to see course descriptions to assess the equivalency approvals in advance of the program. Syllabi are sometimes also available, depending upon the program.

2. If a student participates in an education abroad program, will he/she be able to graduate on time?

If students plan carefully and early enough in their academic career, it is possible to participate in education abroad without delaying the time to graduation. Students should work with their academic advisor to map out a program that allows them to make progress towards their degree. Keep in mind that students can also participate in an education abroad program during a Summer I or Summer II term, which is an opportune time for students who are pursuing a degree in a major with a strict, structured curriculum plan.

3. How do students know if courses will be approved?

If students select from among the list of programs offered by Education Abroad at UK, they will receive credit for the courses successfully completed abroad. UK will receive the foreign transcript (from an accredited institution) and will add the courses onto the official UK transcript. How courses are applied toward degree requirements will be determined by the academic advisor or DUS within the department. Ideally all courses students plan to take abroad will be pre-approved by using the Education Abroad Academic Approval Form. However, there are times when courses must be evaluated upon return. This is most commonly done for courses in which students must take a language placement exam after arrival at the host institution. When courses are not able to be pre-approved, students should keep all course materials including syllabi, course descriptions, coursework, textbook information, etc. so that the course may be evaluated upon their return.

4. Do grades earned abroad count in the cumulative GPA?

Sometimes. If students enroll in a UK Sponsored and some UK Consortia programs the courses are delivered by UK faculty for UK credit and the grades earned will apply to the UK GPA. For all other program types (UK Exchange, some UK Consortia, UK Direct, UK Partner), the courses will be applied to the UK transcript as transfer credit. Grades earned for coursework transferred to UK do not count in the cumulative GPA and are not reflected on the UK transcript. However, the transfer grades earned abroad may still be used by selective admissions programs, majors, colleges and scholarships at UK. Please check with the intended program. Graduate or professional schools may also require the submission of all original transcripts in the application process.

5. Can one take courses taught pass/fail?

Yes, but students must check with their academic advisors about the applicability of P/F courses to one's major requirement in advance of enrolling in a P/F course. Students from other institutions participating on UK programs should consult with their home institution policies.

6. How many credits need to be taken while abroad?

Education Abroad at UK recommends that you take 15 credits during a full semester abroad. Although the minimum number of credits for full time enrollment is 12 for undergraduates and 9 for graduate students at UK, some undergraduate programs, scholarships or financial aid packages require that students take 15 credits. Check in advance with an Education Abroad Advisor, an Academic Advisor, and a Financial Aid Advisor so that plans can be made appropriately.

7. How does credit earned abroad transfer to UK?

Students must plan carefully, no matter what their college or discipline, so that they can enroll in courses abroad that may apply to their degree requirements here at UK. Students are required to meet with their Academic Advisor to plan what courses they should take while abroad to maintain progress toward degree requirements.

Before the start of the education abroad program, students must complete an Education Abroad Academic Approval Form (AAF). To complete this form, students must take the syllabi or course description of each the class they wish to take abroad to the corresponding departments at UK to determine the transfer course equivalency. For courses in which students must take a placement exam upon arrival, it might not be possible to obtain pre-approval for the transfer course equivalency. In such instances, students should keep a copy of the syllabi, textbook information, and work completed abroad so that the courses may be evaluated upon return. A copy of the AAF will be uploaded to myEA application and students may reference it at any times.

After your experience abroad and once Education Abroad at UK receives the foreign transcript, we will compare it to the AAF and work with the UK Admissions office to add the credits to the UK transcript. With the exception of UK Sponsored and some UK Consortia programs, the credits earned abroad will be processed as transfer credit. This means that the grades are not used in calculating GPA at UK and the grades do not appear on the UK transcript. Students should note that the original education abroad transcript is kept on file in the Registrar's Office, and when applying to graduate schools and jobs, copies of the transcripts may be requested from the Registrar's Office directly. In addition, grades earned abroad are entered into an advising section of the Student Computing System at UK and are available to a student's academic advisor.

Please note, due to a number of factors, it may take up to six months for Education Abroad at UK to receive and process a student's transcript from abroad.

Please note, due to a number of factors, it may take up to six months for Education Abroad at UK to receive and process a student's transcript from abroad.

8. What is the Academic Approval Form?

The Academic Approval Form (AAF) is the required documentation for pre-approved course evaluations. To complete this form, students consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in the corresponding academic departments at UK to determine the transfer course equivalency for the courses they expect to complete while abroad. Students will need to provide the DUS with a course description, and possibly a syllabus, for each course they expect to complete. A copy of the AAF must be turned in to the Education Abroad at UK office and will be uploaded to each student's Education Abroad application so that students may access it at any time. Once Education Abroad at UK receives the foreign transcript, we will compare the foreign transcript to the AAF to appropriately award the academic credit as transfer credit on the UK transcript.

9. What is a School of Record (SOR)?

A School of Record is the accredited U.S. institution from which you receive a transcript. Some programs (frequently UK Partner programs) are run by organizations and not universities. For academic credits to be applied to the UK transcript, the credits need to come from an accredited school or university. The program provider may ask if a School of Record transcript is needed. If the program gives a certificate or letter of completion rather than an official transcript, then the student will likely need to obtain the School of Record Transcript. If a student is uncertain whether the SOR is needed, feel free to ask the appropriate Education Abroad Advisor.

10. What UK requirements cannot be satisfied with courses taken overseas?

Each department and college has specific requirements for students and determines the applicability of all coursework, including courses completed abroad. It is best for students to talk directly with their academic advisor to identify which requirements they can and cannot complete abroad.

11. Is there a maximum credit limit that students can earn through education abroad?

No. Currently there is no policy regarding the maximum credit limit for education abroad. But students should be aware of the University's academic Residency requirement. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine the maximum number of credits they may earn while abroad.

12. What is ISP 599?

All participants of approved, credit-bearing Education Abroad programs are registered in ISP 599 (1 credit). This pass/fail course maintains each student in full-time enrollment at UK and thus allows a student to utilize Federal Financial Aid and institutional aid for his/her education abroad program. Students are charged tuition at the standard tuition rate for one credit hour. To receive a P (passing grade) in this course, students are required to complete all components as outlined by the ISP 599 syllabus. For more information, please click here.

13. What is EAP 4## on the UK transcript?

EAP 4## is a 0-credit hour course Education Abroad at UK enrolls all students participating in either UK Sponsored or UK Exchange programs. This course is used to charge the program fee on the student billing account.

14. Can students take Distance Learning courses while abroad?

Yes. Students are permitted to enroll in Distance Learning courses while participating in an Education Abroad at UK program. However, we strongly encourage students to assess the likelihood of both maximizing one's international experience and successfully completing coursework from UK. In addition to the required tuition for ISP 599, students will be assessed tuition and fees associated with Distance Learning instruction.

15. Do students have to be enrolled as a full-time student the semester after participating in an education abroad program?

Most students do enroll as full-time students the semester after participating in an education abroad program, however, it is not strictly required. If a student plans on studying abroad during his/her last semester at UK, her/she should consult closely with the appropriate Education Abroad Advisor and Academic Advisor regarding his/her anticipated graduation date.