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Higher Education Capacity Building

Capacity building is an approach to development that identifies the obstacles that prevent people, governments and non-governmental organizations from realizing their goals; then partners with them to build knowledge, develop skills, and restructure organizations so they are able to devise creative solutions to development challenges and continue to respond to new challenges as they arise.

The University of Kentucky has been partnering with higher education institutions around the world to help them reach their goals:

1950s USAID – Educational Assistance
1960s USAID – Agricultural Education, instrumental in the creation of Bogor Agricultural University
1980’s SECID (South-east Consortium for International Development) – Strengthened the University of Sriwijaya, targeting engineering, medicine, economics, and agriculture
2006-2010 USAID – Capacity building project with the University of Brawijaya.
Currently USDA International Science and Education grant – To create models for high school and university classes on international agricultural topics in cooperation with the University of Lampung and Syiah Kuala University.

1950s USAID – Educational Assistance

2004-2007 USAID – Research training for Romanian university faculty members, and research institute scientists.  

Republic of Georgia
2005 USDA - UK participated in a USDA project with the Georgia Institute for Public Affairs (GIPA) to improve the quality of three of Georgia’s agricultural colleges.

2010 – UK is one of the founding partner institutions in the Iraq University Linkages Program (ULP), funded by the US Embassy in Baghdad

UK’s College of Education has conducted teacher training in locations such as Rwanda, Chile, Ecuador, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Egypt