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Centers & Institutes Overview

UK’s strongest areas of strategic focus and investment are led by UKIC's international centers and institutes:

The Office of China Initiatives
The Office of China Initiatives helps UK faculty develop their existing China connections into college-wide and institution-wide relationships, and assists faculty who do not have China connections to establish contacts at select partner universities in China. The China Office also fosters student mobility between China and the University of Kentucky. 

The Confucius Institute
The Confucius Institute is a leader in Chinese language education, offering programs for both children and adults. Founded in 2010, UK’s Confucius Institute not only offers education about China; they also coordinate student and faculty exchange with Shanghai University’s College of Fine Arts.

Global Health Initiative
The Global Health Initiative of the University of Kentucky is focused on advancing research, educational programs, and service learning for faculty and students, with the goals of improving people’s health throughout the world and promoting health equity.  Initiated in 2011by the assistant provost for global health and the associate provost for internationalization, the program represents a joint initiative by the University to positively affect healthcare on a global scale.

The Kentucky-Ecuador Partners
The Kentucky-Ecuador Partners program, a subsidiary of Partners of the Americas, has since 1965 been building connections between Ecuador and the Commonwealth by promoting volunteerism and service projects. The partnership seeks to expand economic and social development in the South American nation, while also promoting professional relationships between our region and theirs.

Shoulder to Shoulder Global
Based at the University of Kentucky, Shoulder to Shoulder Global (STSG) supports health and development expansion in some of Ecuador’s most impoverished and isolated communities. Currently, STSG operates a year-round health clinic just outside of Santo Domingo, and, additionally, offers services to two other in-need communities in Ecuador.