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Credits Earned Abroad

Education Abroad programs are designed to complement the academic, graduate or professional goals of every student. Depending on the education abroad program selected, students can enroll in courses that fulfill major or minor, elective, foreign language, or UK Core requirements. Participating in Education Abroad will not delay graduation as long as students plan early and carefully. In some cases, studying abroad can help a student get ahead or catch up on his or her degree.

Types of Credit
There are two ways to earn academic credit while abroad. The type of credit earned is determined by the type of program that a student selects:

1. UK Credit
Students who participate on UK Sponsored and some UK Consortia: CCSA programs will be taught by UK faculty members. Therefore, students will be enrolled in courses at UK as if they were taking classes here on campus. The grades earned on these programs will be factored into a student's GPA. Because students will be enrolled in ISP 599 during their time abroad, students participating on UK Sponsored and UK Consortia: CCSA programs will not be charged regular tuition for the associated UK courses. Please see ISP 599: Study Abroad Course for more details. 

2. Transfer Credit
Students who participate on a UK Exchange, UK Consortia: KIIS, UK Direct, or UK Partner Program will be enrolled in courses at a university or institution other than UK. A transcript will be generated by the host institution and the credits earned will be transferred back to UK. Transferred course credit can still be applied to degree requirements at UK. Grades earned through transfer credit will not be factored into a student's UK GPA and will not be visible on a student's UK transcript. Only the title of the course and number of hours earned via transfer credit will be visible on the UK transcript.

EAP 599
All participants of approved, credit-bearing Education Abroad at UK programs are enrolled in EAP 599 at UK for 1 credit hour. This pass/fail course keeps students classified as full-time and thus allows a student to utilize federal financial aid and most institutional aid for his/her Education Abroad program. Students are charged tuition at the standard tuition rate for one credit hour. Additionally, this required course serves to provide each student with the necessary information, preparation, and support to successfully navigate the Education Abroad process through various orientation sessions on-campus and via virtual learning. More specifically, this EAP 599 course seeks to:

  • Holistically prepare students for their education abroad experience (i.e. academically, culturally, administratively, etc.)
  • Link the Pre-Departure, While Abroad, and Re-Entry processes in order to cultivate intellectual and intercultural learning.
  • Assist students in connecting the international experience to their academic, professional, and/or personal endeavors.