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Diversity Abroad

The University of Kentucky has long demonstrated a commitment to diversity and equity that is deeply rooted in both our historic mission and our philosophy of higher education. The University strives to maintain an environment free of discrimination and harassment against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The broad range of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds inherent in multicultural diversity creates rich learning communities from which all students have the opportunity to benefit.

Achieving full participation and integration of individuals from all backgrounds requires the cooperative efforts of all departments, offices and personnel of the University. We are committed to offering education abroad experiences to all UK students and recognize that education abroad is not just a student-focused experience but rather a holistic, intercultural one. A student is likely to encounter a significant range of attitudes regarding diversity issues while abroad. Understanding how these perceptions can influence a study abroad experience increases understanding of the new culture in which the student be living.

After making the decision to study abroad, it is important that a student gives thought to what will be gained from this experience, and should consider these questions: What will you learn while abroad and how will you use the experience later on? Will study abroad allow you to pursue new research or have an internship? Compare your pre-departure goals. Are you interested in sharing your experience with others? Before students return to the US it is helpful for them to consider how change in their self-identity and/or worldview may affect their relationship with family and friends back home.