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At the University of Kentucky, our goal is for students to identify the best education abroad opportunity based on their academic and career goals. Students are encouraged to focus on the “what” and not the “where.” Common questions students should consider are, “what types of courses would I like to take while abroad?”, “what type of skills do I want to gain while abroad?” and “what do I want to do while abroad – study, teach, intern, research?” With over 400 approved opportunities to choose from, putting the academic elements first allows students to narrow down their choices before considering secondary program characteristics like geographic location, length of time abroad, etc.

UK Education Abroad employs a number of professional staff as well as student staff through the Education Abroad Peer Ambassador internship program to assist students throughout the entire process, from program selection to pre-departure to program return.

Scheduling and Requests

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Education Abroad 101

The "EA 101" activity uses an interactive video to introduce students to international opportunities by discussing the whowhatwhenwhere and how behind education abroad.  This activity is designed is for UK 101, UK 201 and other orientation or freshmen courses.

EA 101 helps students see the value of international experience, addresses misconceptions, and encourages students to explore education abroad opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the value of international experience
  • Recognize the variety of opportunities and the complexity of the decision process
  • Begin to see how education abroad could fit in to a given academic plan
  • Know next steps in the planning process

Using the lesson overview and EA 101 handout below, instructors may facilitate this activity on their own, or they may invite an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador to his or her class.  Questions may be directed to Education Abroad Promotion and Outreach Coordinator, Austin Hughes.

Click here to see the prezi version of this activity.