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Faculty & Staff

1. When a student asks me about education abroad, what should I say?

Important items to discuss during academic advising appointments: Will the semester program abroad affect the student's expected graduation date? How will the course taken abroad fit into the student's academic plan? If courses cannot be approved beforehand, how will the courses be evaluated upon return? Which courses will the student take upon his or her return to UK? How will you communicate with the student while they are abroad in regards to lifting advisor holds for UK registration and proposing alternate courses? Please encourage your students to visit with the Education Abroad Office as well.

2. What is the role of the Education Abroad Advisor?

Education Abroad Advisors assist students with locating programs abroad that align with their academic, professional and personal goals. We help students with obtaining course descriptions from host institutions, locating financial, social, health, and logistical resources, understanding cultural differences and cultural adjustment, and with providing opportunities for students to further develop ideas and experiences gained during the abroad experience. The Education Abroad Advisor also facilitates the processing of international transcripts for education abroad programs.

3. How do I request an Education Abroad presentation?

Follow this link to request an Education Abroad presentation. 

4. How does one develop a new education abroad program?

Faculty interested in developing a UK Sponsored program should first consult with their department chair regarding the viability of the proposed course. Once departmental support is secured, faculty should contact the Education Abrorad Assistant Director, Abby Hollander, Further information is also available here.

5. How can I tell if a student is on a UK approved or sponsored program?

All students participating in a credit bearing education abroad experience are enrolled in ISP 599 for  the term they are abroad. Additionally, all credit-bearing approved Education Abroad programs are listed among our portfolio of program offerings on our Program Search Page. You can do a basic search our programs online or conduct an advanced search of programs based on one or more criteria.