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Fees & Billing

Affordability is an important factor when selecting an education abroad program. The programs offered through Education Abroad vary in cost, depending on the features of the program, geographic location length, inclusions on the program such as cultural excursions and on-site support. Budget sheets show estimated program costs and are available on each program page (under Fees and Policies). The costs to be posted to each UK student account are listed at the top in blue. The additional line items show all the necessary and estimated expenses, not posted to a student's account are listed in black. Actual expenses will vary depending primarily upon one's personal choices while abroad and the exchange rate. We encourage all students to consult the program cost sheets on a regular basis as it is frequently updated with the most current cost and billing information available.

Fees Billed at Education Abroad

Education Abroad Application Fee - $50 - mandatory, non-refundable fee is charged to the UK Student Billing account at the end of the month the application was created in. Applications submitted in error must be withdrawn (by the student) before the end of the month the application was created in to avoid the application fee.

Education Abroad Administrative Fee -$100 is charged to applicants who are studying abroad for academic credit

ISP 599 - Normal rate of tuition (in-state or out of state) - One credit hour course for all students studying abroad for academic credit. It counts as full-time enrollment at UK which allows students to utilize Financial Aid, Scholarhips, and Grants. 

NOTE: The ISP 599 and the $100 administrative fee are charged UK Student Billing account during the term the student is abroad: regular UK tuition and fee payment deadlines and penalties will apply. A withdrawal from ISP 599 is subject to University of Kentucky withdraw and refund policy. The details of withdraw and refund policy can be found on the UK Office of the Registrar website. Students can use the tuition appeals form if they wish to request the tuition and fee charged for a particular term to be removed from their account. An appeal may be filed for situations beyond the student's control, such as medical, military, or personal hardship the student encounters during the term in question.

Embedded Fee - UK Sponsored Embedded Programs are charged a $200 program embedded fee.  Students enrolled in a UK Sponsored Embedded Program will not be enrolled in ISP 599.

Program Fees

UK Sponsored Program & Exchange Fees - the amount varies by program - Students accounts are charged during the term the student is abroad. Regular UK tuition and fee payment deadlines and penalties will apply. 

NOTE: A withdrawal from the UK Sponsored Program or Exchange Program may result in financial penalties. Students should consult the program fees & policies page for cancellation policy details.

UK Partner Provider Programs (UK Consortia and Direct programs) - paid directly to program provider: deadlines and penalties vary, see program provider website for details.

For questions, please email Education Abroad at or call the Education Abroad Main Office at (859) 257-4067.