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1. How much does education abroad cost?

Affordability is an important factor when selecting an education abroad program and our office works to provide numerous cost-effective programs for UK students. Education abroad programs vary in cost depending on the features of the program, geographic location, length, included benefits in the program such as excursions and cultural activities, and the level of on-site support. Some programs may actually be similar or even less expensive than a semester at UK; however, some programs do cost marginally more than a typical semester. Although we provide updated cost information as soon as it is available, institutions around the world determine program costs at different times. Personal costs may also fluctuate based on currency exchange rates.

2. What costs are included on the student bill?

To find the costs for a program, locate the program on the Program Search Page. An estimated budget sheet is available for every program. The charges billed to the student's account are listed at the top of the budget sheet, and typically include the cost of ISP 599 (1 credit), an administration fee ($100), an application/risk management fee ($50), and the cost of travel medical/evacuation insurance. If the program includes a program fee, students can find more information about what this fee includes in the "Notes" section of the budget sheet. At the bottom of the budget sheet are the other estimated expenses (NOT billed by UK). Typically, this includes airfare, meals (those not provide by the program), visa fees, books/supplies, and personal expenses.

3. Can financial aid be used towards an education abroad program?

Yes, if students are participating in a credit-bearing education abroad experience. Because a student remains a full-time student at UK while abroad (i.e. enrollment in ISP 599), most financial aid and scholarships received while taking classes at UK will apply toward Education Abroad at UK programs. Notable exceptions include work-study awards and some athletic scholarships. Whether students have grants, federal aid, or University scholarships, that money is credited to their student account as if they were still here at UK. All eligible students may apply for federal, state, and institutional financial aid for a year or semester abroad. It is always a good idea to discuss specific questions about financial aid with a Financial Aid Advisor.

4. Are there any scholarships available for education abroad?

Yes. Education Abroad at UK offers need and merit-based scholarships. Students pursuing credit-bearing education abroad programs are eligible to apply for the Education Abroad Scholarships. Furthermore, depending on their program and/or destination, there are some education abroad scholarships available for specific programs or world regions. Please view our Financial Aid and Scholarships page for details. Lastly, there are some external scholarships that students can apply for; these include scholarships such as Boren, Gilman, Fulbright, Rotary International, Marshall, Rhodes, etc.

5. Do you provide any scholarships for first generation students?

Yes, there are two first generation scholarships available through Education Abroad. Please review our Financial Aid and Scholarships website for information on the Henry & Josephine Duysen Scholarship and the Kevin & Sheri Collins Endowment for Education Abroad.

6. Does the Employee Education Benefits program apply to education abroad programs?

Students and staff participating in the Employee Education Benefits program are eligible to apply these benefits to UK tuition charges associated with education abroad. Employee Education Benefits program cannot be used to cover fees associated with education abroad. Students participating in UK Exchange programs can also apply these benefits to the EAP fee associated with exchange programming.