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Health and Safety

1. What if I need to see a doctor while abroad?

Travel medical insurance coverage is required for participation in all Education Abroad at UK programs. Participants are enrolled in HTH Worldwide travel medical insurance and On-Call evacuation services as part of their acceptance paperwork. Once enrolled, students will receive an email from HTH directly with information on how to log-in to the HTH website, print their insurance card, access the insurance policy brochure, and access important physician, prescription and hospital information. Students participating in partner and consortia programs whose coverage meets Education Abroad at UK minimum requirements will be enrolled in the travel medical insurance program via their program provider.

2. What does the HTH travel medical insurance purchased through UK cover?

Please see the 2013-14 HTH Worldwide Safety Services Brochure and DRUM Summary [PDF] for more information on coverage. You can also review our Travel Medical Insurance page.

3. How much does the HTH travel medical insurance purchased through UK cost?

HTH travel medical insurance through UK costs $10.50/week. Although some programs may start or end mid-week, full weeks are used when computing the total amount. Therefore, students should round up when estimating this amount ahead of time.

4. I take medication daily for __________. Is there anything special I should do before studying abroad?

Students should never take any medication out of its original container when traveling and should always carry a copy of the prescription for any medication. Please check HTH for local laws restricting the import of particular medication. Some medications that are legal in the U.S. may be considered illegal overseas so it is important to check your medications before leaving.

5. Are any particular vaccinations needed?

We recommend that all students visit the UK Travel Clinic to be certain that they are up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations for their host country. Some countries require proof of certain vaccinations in order to enter the country.

6. Should travel be registered with the US State Department?

We encourage all students to register their time abroad through the U.S. State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) website. This is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling or living in a foreign country which enables them to be quickly contacted in the event of an emergency.

7. What happens if there is an emergency (personal, political, or natural disaster) while a student is abroad?

Every emergency whether personal, political or natural is unique and requires actions based on its specific set of circumstances. That said, Education Abroad at UK has communication and action plans in place for different types of crises. These plans involve our partners overseas and clear lines of communication. We also maintain a database with information about where all of our students are in the world and when they are there. Therefore, if something happens overseas that is site specific, we can give individualized instructions based on the location and situation. If students or families have concerns about a specific site or location, please contact the appropriate Education Abroad Advisor with questions.