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Summer Study at Maynooth University

Monday, April 14, 2014

DATES: July 5 - August 1

University of Maynooth is located in the beautiful, historic town of Maynooth, just 15 miles west of Dublin city centre.  The University's location gives it a unique character among the Irish universities, and has contributed to the development of a strong sense of community both within the college and in its relationship with the surrounding area.  Maynooth has excellent transport connections to Dublin city centre and the rest of Ireland, providing the ideal location from which students can explore the capital city and the country. 

Students will earn ISP 599 (1 hour) and earn six hours of transfer credit* from Maynooth.  Students will choose two  courses in the following subject areas (NOTE: specific course offerings are forthcoming): 

International Business
Irish History & Culture

Students will be housed in single rooms in on-campus apartments.  The cost of housing is included in the included in the program fee.  Additionally, three meals a day plus breakfast and lunch on Friday is included in the program fee.  Students will be responsible for weekend meals. To see the program's budget page, click here

University of Kentucky students may also study at Maynooth University during the fall or spring semesters.  Click here for more information on the semester program.