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This scholarship is available for College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy students currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky and participating in an academic year, semester or summer international rotation. 

Students doing an international rotation in their 4th year must apply for this scholarship by April 1st of their 3rd year. This application is for students enrolled in FM 853 as well as any student participating in an international rotation (i.e. PharmD students). All international rotation students applying for an Education Abroad scholarship must do so via this application. To simplify this application must be submitted 1 year in advacement of your international rotation. This application will be considering students who are doing rotations in their 2017-2018 academic year. 

UK Education Abroad offers competitive need and merit based scholarships to College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy students participating in Education Abroad international rotations. All students on international rotations will apply to the Spring Scholarship the year before they go abroad. To be eligible for this scholarship, you MUST have started a rotation application by the scholarship deadline.