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Letter from Returned Peace Corps Volunteer to Shoulder to Shoulder Global Office Reflects on Brigades

While the overall impact on community that STSG has had in Santo Domingo, Ecuador is still being explored, an indicator comes in the form of a letter from one of Shoulder to Shoulder Global's key partners in Santo Domingo, the Peace Corps volunteer, Ronald Ikechi-Ogbonna.  His letter was written at the close of his volunteer service in 2012:

“Your work is dearly appreciated.   I recall a conversation I had with Mercedes Mero, our (Centro Medico's) community health worker.  She once asked me why she felt more energized about her work during your (Shoulder to Shoulder Global's brigade) visits.  At the time, I only had a cloudy idea of why she felt that way, but now, looking back, I understand.  It boils down to esperanza (“hope” in Spanish).  Despite the dim presentation of cases and conditions, all of you came determined to change what you could, while you could.  And for her –and for me as well- I reason that it was your belief in what you were doing that was so infectious.  That “We are going to do all we can” attitude resonates powerfully, especially to those hardened by the nature of the job.  So please, in your future trips and endeavors with Shoulder to Shoulder Global and the Centro Medico Hombro a Hombro, I only ask that you continue to maintain that attitude; it truly makes the effort, for everyone, worth it”.






School Health in Santo Domingo