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This grant is available for College of Health Sciences students currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky participating in an academic year, semester or summer program in any country. This is a reimbursement grant eligible for travel and room & board. Students must provide receipts to receive reimbursement. 

Reimbursement may be submitted to CHS Business Office within 30 days after return of education abroad experience.

All College of Health Sciences students who complete a study abroad academic and/or clinical experience approved by the student’s professional program and by UK Education Abroad and for which they receive academic credit will be eligible for a College of Health Sciences Student International Study Grant.

Students seeking a grant must follow established timelines and procedures for approval by their professional program and complete the application process required by both the CHS Office of Student Affairs and UK Education Abroad. To receive the grant, students must complete the attached CHS Student International Study Grant Reimbursement Request and provide it to the Business Office along with original receipts up to the amount for which they qualify within 30 days of their return from the study abroad experience. Students receiving grants remain eligible for additional scholarships and awards through UK Education Abroad and other agencies. Visit this website for more information.