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These scholarships are available to students of any major or discipline currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky participating in an KIIS program.

Deadlines vary. Please visit the KIIS website for more information. 

KIIS is proud to offer scholarships to make education abroad programs more affordable. Amounts vary and are dependent on the length of the program.

$750 Winter Scholarships
KIIS provides the funds for two $750 scholarships for students participating on KIIS Winter programs. These scholarship recipients are chosen by UK Education Abroad. 

$300 KIIS Winter Scholarships
KIIS awards one $300 scholarship for each Winter program.

$600 KIIS Summer Scholarships
KIIS awards one $600 scholarship for each Summer program.

$750 KIIS Spring and Fall Semester Scholarships
KIIS awards one $750 scholarship for each KIIS Semester program.

KIIS Ecuador
Kentucky - Ecuador Partners is a non-profit organization affiliated with Partners of the Americas. Our mission is to foster people-to-people exchanges of ideas and knowledge, develop opportunities, promote capabilities, and share cultural experiences.  Kentucky and Ecuador have been working together since 1965 to develop and implement grassroots projects in agriculture, health, education, emergency preparedness, rehabilitation, and cultural exchange. KEP offers a scholarship for a participant in the KIIS Ecuador program. The scholarship amount will be paid directly to KIIS prior to the last payment date.

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