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UKCI’s 3rd K-12 Chinese Moon Festival Artwork and Essay Competition held successfully

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Picture Gallery

    In September of 2013, UKCI held our 3rd K-12 Chinese Moon Festival Artwork and Essay Competition. We held the award ceremony as part of the Chinese Moon Festival evening party organized by the Chinese Association on September 14th. We received 145 artwork submissions and 9 essays from 5 Elementary Schools, 4 Middle Schools, 2 High Schools and 2 Chinese schools. Submissions were divided into three groups: Elementary School, Middle School and High School. The results ended in 5 first prize winners, 11 second prize winners and 16 third prize winners. This was the biggest scale we've seen in our three years of holding the competition.The percentage of non-Chinese participants rose to 85% which was a significant increase from previous competitions.

    On the day of the ceremony, the artwork was displayed around the perimeter of the festival. The colorful artwork added a traditional festival atmosphere to the party. The students used their vivid imaginations, different tools and media to portray the unique Chinese Moon Festival. While looking at their artwork, we were very impressed by their level of understanding of the Chinese festival culture and their creative talent.  The essays also showed their passion for Chinese language and Chinese culture. The artwork, swaying gently in the wind, attracted many people. People of all different nationalities and backgrounds were deeply impressed by this competition organized by UKCI. Many parents brought their kids to UKCI’s table to ask about the competition, and promised to let their children take part in this competition in the future.

    In addition, more than 150 participants showed great effort in the competition. Some worked on their pieces till 3 a.m.; some families let all their children participate; some parents came to UKCI to turn his or her child’s artwork in. Many elementary, middle and high school teachers also turned in a lot of productions.