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These scholarships are available through the College of Arts & Sciences for students currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky participating in an education abroad program that meets certain requirements.  

The deadline for these scholarships vary. Please contact the individual departments for more information.

Trunzo Scholarships in Political Science and Pre-Law
Recipients of the Trunzo Scholarship for Education Abroad will be awarded up to $3,000. This scholarship is open to Political Science majors or Arts & Sciences majors who plan to attend law school. Applicants must have a minimum of junior status at the time of the education abroad program and have at least a 3.0 GPA. The deadlines to apply are March 1, 2016 and September 30, 2016. For more information, please visit the Trunzo Scholarships website or contact Sarah Ballard ( 

John S. Gatton Provost Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding English major in their junior or senior year who plans to study abroad as a part of his/her degree curriculum. Selections are made by the ENG program in conjunction with the Provost’s Office. Please contact Pearl James ( or visit the Department of English website for more information.

Russian Studies Education Abroad Scholarship
Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures is proud to offer the Russian Studies Education Abroad Scholarship. The Russian Studies Education Abroad Scholarship is open to any UK student who plans to study Russian on an officially UK-sanctioned program in Russia or a Russian-speaking country for a summer, semester or academic year. Please contact Professor Cynthia Ruder ( or visit the Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures website for more information.

Zembrod Award
The Department of Hispanic Studies awards annually the Zembrod Award to students who will have junior status at the time of taking up the award. This scholarship is available for Spanish majors OR Foreign Language & International Economics with a Spanish emphasis majors OR International Studies majors concentrating in Spain/Latin America who are currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky. The award, up to $750.00, is to be used towards study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country (plans to be approved by the Department of Hispanic Studies). For more information, please visit the Department of Hispanic Studies Scholarship, Grants & Awards website. The deadline to apply is November 2nd. 

Travel Grants
These grants are available for Arts & Sciences students currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky who plan to travel independently abroad to specified cities and sites. For more information, please visit the College of A&S Travel Grant Website. The deadline to apply is March 4, 2016 for summer programs. For more information and to apply, contact the Office of Associate Dean Anna Bosch at 859-257-6689.

The Caller/Zolondek Holocaust Scholarship awards two scholarships per year of up to $2500 to students to visit Paris, Amsterdam/Haarlem, Berlin and two other European Cities, in addition to two other sites related to the Holocaust. 

The Winter Break Scholarship awards $1700 to five students per year who are required to visit two of the three cities (London, Paris and Berlin) in addition to other designated Holocaust sites.

The European Studies Scholarship awards up to three students each year $2000 for independent study of one of the following themes: "Italian Renaissance," "Spain: The Islamic, Judaic, Christian Experience," "French Revolution," "Luther and the Reformation" or "Cromwell" The students must visit all of the required sites and cities for their chosen themes.