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These scholarships are available to College of Design students currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky participating in an education abroad program that meets specific scholarship requirements. 

The deadline to apply is March 1st.

For students participating in a College of Design sponsored education abroad program, supplemental awards may be made at the departmental level. These awards provide supplemental funds for travel and are not designed to cover the entire cost of travel. Instead, the awards offset a recipient’s travel expenses; as such, these awards may solely be applied to the cost of the required travel and cannot be used for cancellations or other like fees. Please visit the College of Design Financial Aid & Scholarships website for more information. 

*Please note this is a shared application. By completing this application you are also completing the applications for the Susan Gallagher Memorial Scholarship, Richard N. Monohan Jr. Scholarship, Gregory Paul Schrodt Scholarship, and DeLeon & Primmer Scholarship. You will be considered for each of these scholarships for which you meet the minimum requirements.

The Susan Gallagher Memorial Scholarship: Open to all students
The Richard N. Monohan Jr. Scholarship: Research Fellowship
The Gregory Paul Schrodt Memorial Scholarship: Open to all students
The DeLeon & Primmer Scholarship: Minimum 3.5 GPA

*The Zolondek Travel Enhancement Awards are designed for committed students who are dedicated to exploring the cultural face of Europe. Third-year, fourth-year and graduate students in the College of Design with a GPA of at least 3.0 can apply for the Zolondek award. Interested students should review the scholarship challenge and submit a proposal application to be reviewed by the College of Design Scholarship Committee. Please visit the website for a full list of requirements.