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These scholarships are available to students of any major or discipline currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky participating in a SOL program. 

The deadline to apply is March 1st for Summer programs, July 1st for Fall programs and October 1st for Spring and Winter programs. 

We want to give back to every single community our students come from and make study abroad available to students that want to better their Spanish Language skills and have a desire to learn and explore other cultures! The goal of our annual scholarships is to allow students that would not be able to participate in a Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion program to do so! 

Education Abroad at UK in partnership with Sol Education Abroad offers scholarships for Semesters, Winter and Summer programs. The scholarship is automatically deducted from the semester/summer/winter program fee. Deadlines vary. Please visit UK Education Abroad for more information.


Sol will grant a $100 scholarship to each UK students who enrolls on a Sol program.

Sol offers a competitive scholarship for Hispanic Studies majors and minors participating in any Sol program approved by UK. To apply, students will need to complete the UK Education Abroad Scholarship application. Selection of award recipients will be made in consultation with Sol Education Abroad, and financial need will be taken into consideration. The award amounts are:
(1) $750 for Fall semester
(1) $750 for Spring semester
(1) $250 for Winter Break programs
(2) $250 for Summer programs

The deadline to apply is October 1st for Winter and Spring programs and March 1st for Summer and Fall programs. If the October 1st or March 1st deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, scholarship applications will be accepted the following Monday. Incomplete applications will not be considered.