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Cultural Diversity Festival Committee

The Cultural Diversity Festival Committee serves to coordinate and plan activities that enrich the lives of students, faculty and staff through exposure to programs that are culturally stimulating, intellectually challenging and representative of a global community. The committee is dedicated to the principle that the ideals of a global community are best pursued, understood and celebrated through active engagement with the diverse range of thoughts and experiences that reflect the value of all people.

The committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff — each of whom volunteers their time and expertise. Its goals and objectives are:

  1. To coordinate a series of events celebrating diversity.
  2. To involve student organizations in planning activities that contribute to the program
  3. To involve colleges and departments in planning intellectually challenging topics for presentation and discussion; ie., forums. lectures, workshops.
  4. To incorporate at least one internationally known concert artist in the program.
  5. To engage the talents of students, faculty, and staff.
  6. To present programs with professional quality.

Get to know the chairs and members of Cultural Diversity Festival Committee 2014:

Paula Dunn, Auxiliary Services
Deb Ross, Auxiliary Services
Karen Slaymaker, International Center
Clay Sturgeon, Student Affairs
Rhonda Strouse, OSI Student Affairs

Committee Members
Ben Allen, OSI/WRFL
Tori Amason, OSI/Leadership
Suzanne Anandappa  , Graduate School
Azetta Beatty, Career Center
Katy Bennett, UKPR & Marketing
Laura Brasie, VIP Center
Emily Britt, Fraternity/Sorority Affairs
Daniel Buckingham, Auxiliary Services
Kristyn Cherry, Student Activities Board
Emily Duncan, University Health Services
Brett Evans, Auxiliary Services
Jake Ewing, Student Activities Board
Sean Goheen, OSI/Student Activities Board
Sarita Gustley, International Student Council
Blair Hoover, UKPR & Marketing
Orvis Kean, Martin Luther King Jr. Center
Annie Kelly, New Student Parent Programs
Eun Young Kim, College of Design
Derrick Meads, International Center
Lee Mengistu, Student Activities Board
Yasuka Miura, International Center
Deanne Perry, Residence Life
Zoe Pittman, Student Activities Board
Jessica Proskin, OSI/Center for Community 
Brandy Reeves, College of Public Health
Rosalyn Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr. Center
Hannah Simoff, International Center
Igor Vasilj, OSI/Leadership