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Other Opportunities

Many University of Kentucky students, faculty, staff and community members participate in international programming that is sponsored or approved by UK, but may not be solely managed by UK Education Abroad. Some of these programs, such as group travel experiences, are set up by UK colleges or student organizations and do not include an academic component. Others, such as medical rotations, Shoulder to Shoulder brigades, and independent international study and research opportunities may or may not confer academic credit, depending on the specific program. Programs such as these are known as "Travel Registration" programs.

Per Administrative Regulation 4:9, all such program participants must register their international travel experience with the UK International Center and comply with all other guidelines regarding academic advising and risk management, attend any required orientations, and pay all applicable tuition and fees.

All participants on Travel Registration programs will be assessed the required $50 application fee upon submitting an application. All participants enrolled in credit-bearing programs wil also be charged a mandatory $100.00 Education Abroad administrative fee that will be billed separately. Additionally, participants will be enrolled in the required Travel Medical Insurance coverage at the rate of $10.50/week. These fees may be billed directly to a student's account, sent as an invoice, or covered by the department, depending on the program and the individual's relationship to UK (student, faculty, staff, or community member).