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Education Abroad at UK welcomes parent and family engagement in education abroad as a part of the University’s goal to internationalize student learning and teaching. On this page, you will find general information about:

Earning academic credit abroad || Health and safety matters || Application procedures
Financial Aid and Scholarships for supporting education abroad experiences
Education Abroad programming ||  Important deadlines || Frequently Asked Questions

Education Abroad is happy to assist you further by answering your questions as they arise. Please feel free to reach out to the Education Abroad team with any questions. Education Abroad looks forward to supporting your student and yourselves during this process.


Academic Credit

Education abroad programs are designed to complement the academic, graduate, or professional goals of every student. Depending on the education abroad program the student selects, he or she can enroll in courses in the subject areas of one’s major or minor or in courses that fulfill elective, language, or UK Core requirements. Learn more.

UK Education Abroad is collaborating with academic units to develop major-specific advising resources to assist students with selecting programs that most closely align with each degree program. Please visit the Major Advising Page (MAP) to view the information related to your son’s or daughter’s program. If his or her major is not yet listed, it does not limit eligibility to participate in an education abroad program.  Your student should visit the Education Abroad Resource Center on the third floor of Bradley Hall for additional resources and assistance with choosing an appropriate program.

Health and Safety

Visit the Health and Safety section of the website to learn about:

  • Preparing students for departure
  •  Health and safety while abroad
  •  Mandatory travel medical insurance

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Many ways exist to finance a study abroad opportunity. Locate information about financial aid, scholarships, grants, and fundraising at UK's Education Abroad website page that specifically addresses these topics.

Selecting a Program

Education Abroad at UK offers five major program categories that we refer to as “program types”, and each program type lists various education abroad offerings within that category. Each program type has very different implications with regard to cost, credit transfer, on-site coordination, and so forth.

Please familiarize yourself with the five major program types before helping your student choose a specific study abroad program. To help understand these program types, Education Abroad encourages you and your student to read the information and to watch the video on the “Selecting a Program” web page, and for students also to attend a First Steps information session, available four afternoons a week during the school year. It is also helpful to watch the First Steps video that will cover much of what students will learn in the First Steps session.


Once your student has found an education abroad program that fits his/ her goals and needs by going to the Education Abroad Program Search web page, then they’re ready to start the application process to study abroad, applying directly through the program page itself. Remind your student to read the entire page carefully, as some Education Abroad programs require that they not only fill out the UK application but also a specific program application, as well. That information will be visible on the program page, as necessary.

Please note: a student will never apply solely to an affiliate program. For example, if a student is going to study at a university in Spain through one of the Education Abroad affiliates, such as ISA, it would not be appropriate to go directly to the ISA website and apply to the program there. All applications, first and foremost, need to go through the UK Education Abroad program pages, which will also have a link to any other program-specific application, as needed. You can see where they will apply when you click here. Once your student has found an education abroad program that fits his/ her goals and needs by going to the Education Abroad here.


As for deadlines, they will be program specific, and this information will be included on the page that refers to the specific program the student has selected, as described in the previous paragraph.

Students also need to be aware of the general university term deadlines, as well as the Education Abroad deadlines. Especially important to emphasize to your student is that he or she reads the application documents closely that they are signing online as part of the process that spell out their financial obligations. For example, a non-refundable $50 application fee will be applied automatically to the student’s account once that application is started, even if a student decides not to study abroad, unless the student notifies the Education Abroad office that he or she is withdrawing the application no later than the end of the month in which the application was initially submitted. These details are clearly stated in each document that the student electronically signs and submits as part of the application process.

FERPA Information for Parents/Guardians

When discussing education abroad programs, academic information, and financial information, the Education Abroad office complies with the federal privacy law, the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act. Visit the FERPA website to learn more about how this act governs the type of information university representatives can and cannot disclose to third parties, including parents and guardians.


Parent Specific Frequently Asked Questions.