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Professional Development

Topics for 2014 PD Workshops for teachers

   An Introduction to Tang Poetry and its Profound Impact on Chinese Language and Literature to Students

   Chinese Lesson Planning -- Unit Planning 

   Classroom Management

   New Ideas on Effective Instructions

   Chinese Teaching with Technology

   How to Motivate Students to Learn Chinese

   Teaching Proficiency in World Language Classrooms

   Assessment for Chinese Learning

   Strategies in Teaching Emersion Chinese


2. How does the Kentucky Standard for World Language Proficiency impact language teaching and learning, by Alicia Vinson

9:30am---3:30pm, SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 2014, at White Hall CB 334, University of Kentucky

Join us to find out how the implementation of the standard, proficiency levels and classroom assessment can combine to assure effective Chinese language instruction.  In this interactive workshop, you will discover how to set proficiency targets for your students, how to use the standard in planning instructional pathways geared to reach those targets, and how assessment can inform your practices and determine student growth. In a small group, you will be planning a standard-based lesson and you will use the standard as a cross-check for ensuring that each mode of communications and skill is addressed. Please bring the curriculum materials you will need to plan your next lesson. The Kentucky Standard for World Language Proficiency will be provided.
Speaker BIO
Having held the positions of World Languages Content Specialist and World Language Immersion Program Coordinator, Alicia Vinson is currently the World Languages Coordinator for Fayette County Public Schools. Prior to administration, Alicia taught in the Spanish Immersion Program as well as in middle and high school Spanish as foreign language programs. She designed, developed and delivered a primary level Spanish Immersion series (60 programs) for the Kentucky Educational Television entitled ¡Arte y más! Alicia has collaborated with the Kentucky Department of Education as faculty in the Foreign Language Teachers Academies and the Next Generation Academies- Integrating World Languages and the Arts. She serves on the board of the Kentucky World Language Association and the University of Kentucky Confucius Institute Steering Committee and is currently the National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL) Kentucky Representative.  Alicia has presented at state, national, and international conferences. She has facilitated professional learning opportunities for teachers here and abroad. Alicia has directed several grants including FLAP, Improvement of Education, Confucius Classroom Network and STARTALK. As a life-long learner, she constantly seeks opportunities to learn with and from teachers here and abroad.

1. An Introduction to Tang Poetry and its Profound Impact on Chinese Language and Literature to Students

UKCI will organize 2014 the 1st KY Chinese Teachers' PD training at Lexington from 9:30am---3:30pm Saturday, 22nd February. We are planning to invited Ms. Lihua Shorter to make a presentation on the topic of An Introduction to Tang Poetry and its Profound Impact on Chinese Language and Literature to Students.
Ms. Shorter graduated from Arkansas State University with M.A in Education in 1992, and completed the graduate course in Intercultural Communication at Arkansas State University in 1993. She started her teaching career on Chinese in Brookline High School since 1997. Her teaching experience includes teaching Chinese level1-5, curriculum design, mentoring and training new teachers. She has designed and taught AP Chinese Language and Culture for 5 years. Since 2008, she has given workshops on incorporating Classic Chinese poetry into language curriculum through STARTALK at Bryant University in R.I and UMASS Boston. Her curriculum unit “Understanding the Ancients” won an award in Bryant University (STARTALK Summer Program) in 2008 and was featured in MAFLA's newsletter (MASS. Foreign Languages Association). The presenter will also share many project ideas that are designed for learners of different levels, which will generate students' interests and enrich their learning experience with Chinese language and culture.