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Education Abroad Programming
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What is an experience type?
“Experience Type” answers the question “What will I be doing on my program?” Whether students want to complete courses abroad, participate in a research project, work in an internship, or experience a variety of other options, UK Education Abroad offers a wide range of experience types to help them accomplish their goals. 
What is a program type?
“Program Type” answers the question “How will my program be structured?” This means that these categories can determine a number of elements about the program. For example, a student may live and learn with other UK students abroad or live and learn with international students. Program types can also determine what kind of credit students will earn. For UK faculty-directed programs, students will earn UK credit since they will be directly enrolling in UK courses. For all other program types, students will be earning transfer credit either from universities here in the US or from their host country.
How do these interact?
“Experience Type” and “Program Type” can intersect at a number of different levels. For example, students can complete research projects abroad, both in programs with other UK students directed by a UK faculty member or in highly independent programs that are embedded in foreign institutions. Similarly, students can complete independent internships in placements such as the British Parliament or intern alongside other UK students in a UK faculty-directed program. The graph above shows how “Experience Types” and “Program Types” typically interact. Of course, students can take courses abroad across all program types.
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