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Sharing Your Experience

1. How can students share their experience with others at home and at UK?

Students are strongly encouraged to find constructive ways to share their experiences abroad. Students can write blogs, use social media and creatively photograph and video their experiences abroad. Upon return, students can participate in the annual Education Abroad Photo Contest, apply to be an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador, and participate in internationally themed campus events. Your Education Abroad Advisor can give students suggestions on ways to share their experience as well as ways to continue to engage in international events once you return.

2. What is an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador (EAPA) and what do they do?

An Education Abroad Peer Ambassador is a student who studied abroad through UK and has been trained to assist in advising prospective students. EAPAs conduct First Steps Information sessions, hold weekly advising hours, give presentations in classrooms and residence halls on Education Abroad, organize promotional tables for various activities around campus, and distribute promotional materials. EAPAs also assist in planning, organizing and participating in special events, such as the Education Abroad Annual Fair, Pre-Departure and Re-Entry sessions. EAPAs receive internship credit for this experience. For more information on the EAPA program and to apply to be an EAPA, click here.