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Summer 2014 EA Programs

UK Education Abroad has released the inaugural edition of its new digital catalog for summer programs.

The catalog has become necessary due to the growth and diversity of faculty-directed programs. Last year UK faculty led over 40 programs throughout the world.

“These programs not only give students international experience with some of the comforts of UK, they also give students the opportunity to connect with UK faculty in a way that is unlike on-campus classroom instruction,” said Seth Riker, promotions and outreach coordinator for Education Abroad.

Programs such as Nile River StudiesHealth-Related Service Learning and Human Sexuality & Sexual Health in Amsterdam offer options for students who may not have previously had opportunities abroad in their discipline.  

These new, diverse programs support the integration of education abroad programming into UK’s curriculum.

“When students come to us, they no longer say ‘I want to go to Spain,” said Anthony Ogden, executive director of Education Abroad & Exchanges. “Instead they say ‘I'm an engineering major and I would like to take a mechanical engineering course abroad.’ We now have a Major Advising Page for mechanical engineers – and other programs – which lists the programs that have been reviewed and approved by faculty.”

Education Abroad has also intensified the diversity of its portfolio through five experience types – study abroad, research abroad, intern abroad, teach abroad, and service learning abroad.

“We are seeing more and more students in research abroad programs,” said Ogden. “These programs help students understand how their field or discipline is viewed from other cultural perspectives and helps them network with scientists and scholars around the world.”

The success of the new, diverse education abroad programming is evident in the growing number of students who choose to pursue their academic goals abroad. Over the past four years the number of students who study abroad has increased by over 50%.

According to Susan Carvalho, associate provost for internationalization, the growth is also due to the hunger a UK education creates in students to learn more. “By pursuing educational opportunities abroad students refine their skills of discovery and equip themselves with the flexibility of intercultural communication skills that they need for the workplace that they are entering.”