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Kentucky Dentist Provides an X-ray of Hope

Dr. Winnie Boling, DMD, is an alumni of the May 2008, August 2011 and March 2014 brigades. Dr. Winnie operates a cosmetic and family dentistry practice in LaGrange, Kentucky. Her business has been built on the dream of serving the community.

Winnie’s efforts to serve the community in Santo Domingo, Ecuador has resulted in dramatic improvements in oral care for the area that STSG serves.

Posts from Ecuador by Jazmine Shoup

The following is a series of posts from Ecuador by Jazmine Shoup, the recipient of Partners 2012 Ecuadorian Education Abroad Scholarship. Jazzy is traveling with the UK Honors Program lead by Kentucky Ecuador Partners Education chair, Dr. Larry Grabau.

May, 12, 2012

University of Kentucky Study Abroad Trip

By Mariah Rowland

May 18, 2012

Ecuadorian Education Abroad Scholarship Awarded to Jazmine Shoup

“I plan to become fully immersed in the culture and lifestyles of the Ecuadorian people, and am so excited to be given this opportunity!”

Cavity Prevention Through Community Action

Thanks to donations and support from Premier Dental Supply, Americares, and the Western Kentucky University Study Abroad Program, the Dr. Rankin Skinner Dental

Team, consisting of Rankin, Ruthi, Roberta and Donnie spent January, February and March of 2012 in a continuation of their decade-long dental program in Ecuador. The Study Abroad students from WKU brought in Premier’s Fluoride Varnish with ACP, and  toothbrushes. Ruthi and I provide the community outreach for their program.

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