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Madeline Mudd

Major: International Studies

EA Program(s) completed: ISA Menedez Pelayo University in Spain (UK Partner)

Monica Blackmun Visonà

Monica Blackmun Visonà, an Africanist and an Associate Professor of Art History in the School of Art and Visual Studies, supervises the Certificate in Global Studies.  Academic advisors check students’ records to see whether their courses and study abroad qualify students for the CGS, but Dr. Visonà reviews their two reflective essays and helps them troubleshoot the process.  Dr. Visonà is committed to working with individual students who wish to draw upon their international background in their future study, and in their careers.

Johannah Hamilton

Major: Agricultural Economics

Education Abroad programs completed: Diverse Communities in the Dominican Republic (UK Sponsored)

Office Hours: Thursday 11am-1:30pm; Friday 12:30pm-2pm

Heather Coley

Major: Communication

Education Abroad programs completed: CCSA Ireland (UK Consortia)

Office Hours: Monday 9am-11am; Tuesday 12:30pm-2pm; Thursday 12:30pm-2pm; Friday 9am-11am

Courtney Henning

Major: International Studies and Gender & Women's Studies

Education Abroad programs completed: ISA Charles University in Prague (UK Partner)

Office Hours: Monday 1pm-3pm; Wednesday 1pm-3pm

Liz Renzaglia

Major: Dietetics

EA program(s) completed: The Italian Table (UK Sponsored)

Office Hours: Monday 2pm-4pm; Wednesday 12:30pm-2:30pm

Sarah Caton

Major: Spanish and Gender & Women's Studies

EA Program(s) completed: SOL Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Office Hours: Monday 2pm-3:30pm; Wednesday 10am-12:30pm

Kayla Bredernitz

Major: International Studies

EA Program(s) completed: KIIS Paris, France

Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30pm-5pm; Wednesday 11am-1:30pm; Thursday 3:30pm-5pm; Friday 11am-12:30pm

Diane Kwon

Major: Human Nutrition

EA program(s) completed: Family, Consumer, and Culture in South Korea (UK Sponsored)

Office Hours: 
Tuesday 2:30pm-4pm; Thursday 1:30pm-4pm

Eric Marinello

Major: Finance

EA Program(s) completed: Arcadia London Internship (UK Partner)

Office Hours: Tuesday 2:30pm-4:30pm; Friday 2pm-4pm


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